NDACC Welcomes NSF Spectral UV Instruments

NDACC welcomes new UV data from the United States National Science Foundation's network of UV spectrometers operated by Biospherical Instruments Inc. The spectral UV data set from this network is one of the longest and most extensive in existence, and covers geographical areas where ozone changes have been most pronounced. Data summaries through November 2009 have been archived for most sites in the NDACC database. See http://www.biospherical.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=97&Itemid=95 for other archivals. In our view it is crucial to maintain this network to monitor future changes in spectral UV irradiance. The contribution was provided by Dr Germar Bernhard of Biospherical Instruments. For further information, including examples of data products available, see the NDACC Spectral UV Working Group page.