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Data Delinquency Document

All NDACC PIs shall submit their certified NDACC data to the NDACC DHF, at latest one year after data acquisition[1], in the appropriate data format, which is the NASA Ames format dedicated to the measurement technique, or the GEOMS HDF format, following the template approved by the corresponding Instrument Working Group – see data format descriptions here.

Compliance with the data archiving policy is important for the credibility and vitality of the Network.

In case of non-compliance with the above data archiving policy,

    a. In first instance, the corresponding Instrument Working Group (IWG) Co-Chairs will communicate with the PI to remind the PI of the data submission requirements, indicating that failure to rectify the situation could lead to disaffiliation from NDACC.

    b. If the data submission issue is not resolved after 2 reminders by the IWG in a 6-months period, without any acceptable justification by the PI, the Co-Chairs will send a follow-up letter to the PI’s institute to inform the appropriate parties about the data delinquency, and possible Network disaffiliation, and to ask for support to the PI (if needed) in order to enable compliance with the NDACC policy.

    c. In case where neither of the two above actions in a 1-year timeframe lead to compliance with the NDACC data archiving protocol, and the PI (or PI’s institute) does not commit to any near-future data provision, the DHF manager will inform the IWG co-chairs as well as the NDACC co-chairs, and the instrument will be declared as ‘inactive’ in the Measurements and Analyses Directory, and will be flagged as such on the map and in data searches in the DHF

    d. In case the measurements are no longer performed, and an NDACC measurement capability no longer exists, the station will be flagged as ‘inactive’ in the Measurements and Analyses Directory, on the map and in data searches in the DHF.

In cases c and d, the NDACC Co-Chairs will write a disaffiliation letter to the PI (with cc to his Institute), and NDACC account privileges (i.e., rights to access the private NDACC database) will be removed.

[1] A more rapid data publication is encouraged. To this end, the Rapid Delivery data directory in the NDACC DHF accepts NDACC data before complete NDACC certification. Data in the RD directory are public. Submission of RD data does not imply obligation to deliver consolidated data to the NDACC affiliated directories has been satisfied.

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