Data Use Agreement

If the metadata of an NDACC data file contain an explicit Data License and/or explicit DATA_RULES_OF_USE, then the indicated Rules of Use prevail over the following General Rules of Use. In the absence of a Data License or explicit DATA_RULES_OF_USE associated with the datafile, the following General Rules of Use apply:

General Rules of Use

All NDACC data users at a minimum should acknowledge both the NDACC DHF and the NDACC PI in any publication, as follows:

Mandatory acknowledgement:

“The data used in this publication were obtained from “NDACC PI name” as part of the Network for the Detection of Atmospheric Composition Change (NDACC) and are available through the NDACC website”

When it is envisaged to use NDACC data in a publication or communication, the respective NDACC PI(s) or IWG co-chairs should be contacted during the preparation of the publication or communication to discuss possible collaboration with the NDACC PI and co-authorship.

In all cases, NDACC data users are expected to consult the online documentation and reference articles to fully understand the scope and limitations of the NDACC datasets available at the NDACC DHF. They are strongly encouraged to contact the respective NDACC PI (listed in the data documentation on the web page) to receive any additional information regarding the data product that could be useful in their studies/applications and as such ensure the proper use of specific data sets.

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