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2022, Godin-Beekmann, Sophie, Niramson Azouz, Viktoria F. Sofieva, Daan Hubert, Irina Petropavlovskikh, Peter Effertz, Gérard Ancellet, Doug A. Degenstein, Daniel Zawada, Lucien Froidevaux, Stacey Frith, Jeannette Wild, Sean Davis, Wolfgang Steinbrecht, Thierry Leblanc, Richard Querel, Kleareti Tourpali, Robert Damadeo, Eliane Maillard Barras, René Stübi, Corinne Vigouroux, Carlo Arosio, Gerald Nedoluha, Ian Boyd, Roeland Van Malderen, Emmanuel Mahieu, Dan Smale, and Ralf Sussmann, Updated trends of the stratospheric ozone vertical distribution in the 60° S–60° N latitude range based on the LOTUS regression model, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 22, 11657–11673,
Tags: Dobson, Lidar, Ozone, Satellite, Trends

2022, Petropavlovskikh, I., Miyagawa, K., McClure-Beegle, A., Johnson, B., Wild, J., Strahan, S., Wargan, K., Querel, R., Flynn, L., Beach, E., Ancellet, G., and Godin-Beekmann, S., Optimized Umkehr profile algorithm for ozone trend analyses, Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 15, 1849–1870,
Tags: Ozone, Timeseries, Umkehr

2021, Zuber, R., Köhler, U., Egli, L., Ribnitzky, M., Steinbrecht, W., and Gröbner, J., Total ozone column intercomparison of Brewers, Dobsons, and BTS-Solar at Hohenpeißenberg and Davos in 2019/2020, Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 14, 4915–4928,
Tags: Brewer, Dobson, Ozone, CalVal

2021, Zhou, M., Jiang J, Langerock B, Dils B, Sha MK, De Mazière M, Change of CO Concentration Due to the COVID-19 Lockdown in China Observed by Surface and Satellite Observations, Remote Sensing, 13(6), 1129,
Tags: FTIR, CO

2021, Zhang, Y., et al., Attribution of the accelerating increase in atmospheric methane during 2010–2018 by inverse analysis of GOSAT observations, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 21,
Tags: CH4, FTIR, Satellite

2021, Yu, P., Sean M. Davis, Owen B. Toon, Robert W. Portmann, Charles G. Bardeen, John E. Barnes, Hagen Telg, Christopher Maloney and Karen H. Rosenlof, Persistent Stratospheric Warming Due to 2019–2020 Australian Wildfire Smoke, Geophysical Research Letters, 48, 7,
Tags: Lidar, Fire, Temperature

2021, You, Y., B. Byrne, O. Colebatch, R.L. Mittermeier, F. Vogel, and K. Strong, Quantifying the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions on CO, CO2, and CH4 in downtown Toronto using open-path Fourier transform spectroscopy, Atmosphere, 12(7), 848,
Tags: FTIR, CO, CO2, CH4

2021, Yombo-Phaka, R., Merlaud, A., Pinardi, G., Mahieu, E., Hendrick, F., Friedrich, M. M., Fayt, C., Van Roozendael, M., Djibi, B. L., Bopili Mbotia Lepiba, R., Phuku Phuati, E. and Mbungu Tsumbu, J.-P, First Ground-Based DOAS Measurements of NO2 at Kinshasa and Comparisons with Satellite Observations, Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, (2), 1291–1304,
Tags: Satellite, UVVis, NO2

2021, Yamanouchi, S., K. Strong, O. Colebatch, S. Conway, D.B.A. Jones, E. Lutsch, and S. Roche, Atmospheric trace gas trends obtained from FTIR column measurements in Toronto, Canada from 2002–2019, Environmental Research Communications, 3, 051002,
Tags: FTIR

2021, Yamanouchi, S., C. Viatte, K. Strong, E. Lutsch, D.B.A. Jones, C. Clerbaux, M. Van Damme, L. Clarisse, and P.-F. Coheur, Multiscale observations of NH3 around Toronto, Canada, Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 14, 905–921,
Tags: FTIR, NH3