Establishment of an Ad Hoc Working Group to Assess Future NDACC Measurement Strategies and Emphases

At the 2008 NDACC Steering Committee meeting, an ad hoc working group was established to review existing and assess future Network measurement strategies and emphases in light of the broadening of Network goals over those established at its inception. While NDACC remains committed to monitoring changes in the stratosphere with an emphasis on the long-term evolution of the ozone layer, its priorities now encompass issues such as the detection of trends in overall atmospheric composition, understanding their impacts on the stratosphere and troposphere, and establishing links between climate change and atmospheric composition. The members of this ad hoc working group (G. Braathen, M. Chipperfield, T. Deshler, S. Godin-Beekmann, J. Hannigan, K. Kreher, J.-C. Lambert, T. McElroy, R. McKenzie, G. Nedoluha, and W. Randel) solicit your input for their consideration. Email this group.