Update for all 2020 model output and for PV on altitudes surfaces 1985-2020

The simulation has been rerun and new GMI CTM 2020 files are available for FTIR, Lidar, Sonde, and Dobson sites.  Due to a peculiar error, all model inputs after May 4, 2020 had been flipped by 180o longitude! Please replace any 2020 file you currently have with a new one.

And thanks to Irina and Jeannette, an error in the potential vorticity fields on geometric altitudes was found. This error exists in all Dobson, Sonde, and Lidar files. (PV in the FTIR files was unaffected because it is on pressure levels.) New files for 1985–2020 are now available. They have 'MR2V4' in the name to let you know this is a 4th version submitted to the NDACC repository. If you do not use the PV fields then you can continue to use the MR2V3 files—all other variables are unchanged.

Please note that FTIR files remain MR2V3.

All files can be downloaded via anonymous ftp from


Please see the March 2021 news article for additional information on the GMI CTM model version used for the MR2V3 and MR2V4 files.  As always, please contact Susan Strahan (susan.e.strahan@nasa.gov) for additional model support or questions.