ATMO-ACCESS call for Trans-National Access

ATMO-ACCESS is an EU Infrastructure project with the objective of delivering a series of recommendations for establishing a comprehensive and sustainable framework for access to distributed atmospheric Research Infrastructures (RI), ensuring integrated access to and optimized use of the services they provide. ATMO-ACCESS will open physical and remote access to 43 operational European atmospheric research facilities, including ground-based observation stations, simulation chambers, but also mobile facilities and central laboratories that are fundamental elements in distributed RIs.
ATMO-ACCESS will launch a new call for Trans-National Access on October 10th. The call topic will be open and access modalities will be unrestricted (albeit with a limited funding support).
To help you better plan the accesses, notably in cases of campaigns, the indicative timeline is as follows:
- Call dates: 10 Oct 2022 -5 Jan 2023
- Info day for users and providers: 7 Dec 2022 (virtual)
- Feasibility phase until 20 Jan 2023
- Review until 17 Feb 2023
- Final selection meeting 20-24 Feb 2023
- Final list on 28 Feb 2023
- Indicative access period: March 2023 / March 2024
More indications on the outline of the call will be published online in the coming days at: Typical applications concern organization of / participation to observations campaigns, satellite cal/val campaigns, ….