Hefei, China FTIR joins NDACC-IRWG

In November 2023, the solar FTIR instrument at Anhui Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics (AIOFM) in Hefei, China was accepted as a formal NDACC station. The Infrared Working Group (IRWG) is composed of 22 active stations making daily observations and producing vertical profiles of 12 standard species.  The Hefei station has been operating since 2014 at AIOFM by PI Cheng Liu, deploying a Bruker IFS 125HR instrument that is the standard across the NDACC.

Figure 1: Bruker IFS 125HR high-resolution Fourier transform infrared spectrometer and a solar tracker at the Hefei site.

Hefei station (31°54′33" N, 117°10′59" E, 29 m above sea level) is located in the northwest of Hefei City in eastern China, and about 10 km south-east of the Hefei urban area. Hefei is a city with a large population, dense industrial and agricultural activities, and busy transportation. In recent years, it has suffered from severe air pollution events with haze and low visibility. The station is affected by regional pollution transport, biomass burning, and tropopause dynamics, as well as long-term trends in stratospheric and tropospheric components. Hefei station is the first continuously operating IRWG instrument in China. Hefei station has implemented various atmospheric trace gas measurement activities, such as CO, NH3 , HCl, HNO3 , NO2 , O3 , HCN, and H2CO to study the spatio-temporal variation of atmospheric composition. These measurements provide valuable and unique insight into the diverse tropospheric environment that includes natural and anthropogenic emissions. The FTIR instrument is also used for laboratory experiments and as calibration for other remote sensing instrumentation.

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