NDACC Adds 4 Australian Bureau of Meteorology Dobson Measurement Activities

The proposal from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology for NDACC affiliation for four Dobson measurements was discussed and approved at the 2017 NDACC Steering Committee Meeting in Boulder, Colorado.  The measurements were formally invited as NDACC Affiliated shortly thereafter. The four sites are Darwin (12°S), Brisbane (27°S), Melbourne (38°S) and Macquarie Island (55° S). Total ozone records at Brisbane, Melbourne and Macquarie Island began in 1957. The four Australian stations will expand the global coverage of the Dobson ozone observations.  Ground-based ozone observations still remain underrepresented in the Southern Hemisphere. The recovery of stratospheric ozone shows signs of recovery in the Antarctica. Therefore, it is important to monitor how ozone recovery will impact the UV levels at densely populated countries, including main-land Australia and the biological and environmental changes observed at the Southern-most Australia-operated station at Macquarie Island.