Announcing New Query Tool for NDACC DHF


The NDACC DHF team announces its newest DHF Query Tool: Full Data Query. This tool is a robust search of the database using keywords from the NDACC database tables, and provides a list of matching files which can be selected to general a downloadable file containing the chosen data. This mimics one of the legacy DHF tools with the added benefit that it is available to the general public, whereas the legacy tool was restricted to NDACC data providers. Note the Full Data Query tool is in beta version. Soon to be added is a search based on latitude and longitude.

Screenshot of NDACC's DHF query tools.

The Full Data Query tool joins our other tools:

  • File Lists Query: lists datasets in entirety useful in that it details the start and end dates of the data
  • Extract NCEP Station Profile: tool to extract data for a single station in a specified date range from daily files.

These tools are now available at

With the release of these tools, we will shortly begin the shutdown of the legacy DHF at NOAA/CPC. This will occur in stages over the next two months. If you have not migrated to LaRC for data access to date, you will need to do it now.