News & Events for 2022

The NDACC Steering Committee held its annual meeting 26-30 September 2022 at the Institute of Complex Systems in Paris, France. The meeting was conducted in a hybrid format because of continuing COVID-19 travel restrictions.

ATMO-ACCESS is an EU Infrastructure project with the objective of delivering a series of recommendations for establishing a comprehensive and sustainable framework for access to distributed atmospheric Research Infrastructures (RI), ensuring integrated access to and optimized use of the services they provide.

Files for all lidar, sonde, Dobson, and FTIR stations are now available for download. The files were created with the GMI chemistry transport model integrated with MERRA2 meteorology. The model version is the same one used in the previous years of output (1985-2020).

The Stratospheric Processes and their Role in Climate (SPARC) marks its 30th year as a project in the World Climate Research Programme. SPARC will host a series of three webinars to celebrate this milestone.

The next SPARC General Assembly will take place from 24–28th October 2022 at three hubs located in (1) Qingdao, China (2) Reading, UK, and (3) Boulder, USA.

The NDACC DHF team announces its newest DHF Query Tool: Full Data Query. This tool is a robust search of the database using keywords from the NDACC database tables, and provides a list of matching files which can be selected to general a downloadable file containing the chosen data.