SHADOZ Newsletters Available

SHADOZ (Southern Hemisphere ADditional OZonesondes), an NDACC Cooperating Network, is a NASA project to augment and archive balloon-borne ozonesonde launches, and to archive data from tropical and remote operational sites.

The last two SHADOZ newsletters came out in late 2017 (#23) and May 2018 (#24). These, and all previous issues, are available at:

Issue #23 featured the (Jülich Ozone Sonde Intercomparison Experiment) JOSIE-SHADOZ 2017 experiment in Jülich, Germany, in which ~15 SHADOZ operators, sponsors, and Co-Is participated.  Issue #24 featured a visit to the SHADOZ Hilo, Hawaii, site by Anne Thompson and Bryan Johnson. The visit took place 16–20 April 2018.