Recommendations for the use of standardized vertical resolution and uncertainty for the NDACC ozone and temperature lidars now published in AMT Special Issue on NDACC 25th Anniversary

The three AMT companion papers can be found at:

Part 1 provides recommendations for the use of two standardized definitions of vertical resolution, and has a supplement reviewing several digital filters useful for lidar data processing. The recommended preferred vertical resolution definition uses the full-width-at-half-maximum of the response to a finite impulse, and must be reported in the NDACC data files written in HDF format. Another definition, based on the frequency cut-off of digital filters can optionally be reported in the NDACC HDF data files.

Parts 2 and 3 provide recommendations for a standardized approach for the computation of the ozone DIAL and temperature lidar uncertainty budgets respectively. Several variables in the NDACC data files written in HDF format are specifically reserved for the reporting of uncertainty following the recommended approach. Additional details related to material covered in all three companion papers can be found in the full ISSI Team Report located at