The NDACC DHF finds a new home at NASA LaRC

As presented at recent Steering Committee Meetings the NDACC DHF has been transitioning from service at NOAA/CPC to NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC). In the Fall 2020 meeting we noted that the DHF at LaRC was running in mirror mode, with all files running through the format/ingest codes. Routine checking of database listings has confirmed that all files accepted at LaRC and at NOAA/CPC have been in sync.

The DHF team is now pleased to announce that as of May 1, 2021, all data providers are submitting data to the DHF at LaRC exclusively. Please visit the new NDACC DHF at

A few additional items to note:

  • All files continue to be mirrored at NOAA/CPC and both databases are full copies of all data.
  • The NDACC DHF teams are working to ensure all downstream data and metadata links are redirected to the DHF at LaRC.
  • There are several tools on the DHF at NOAA/CPC that are not yet at LaRC, for example tools to extract NCEP temperatures at a single station. The NOAA/CPC DHF will continue to be in operation until these tools are transitioned to LaRC, at least through the end of calendar year 2021.
  • The NDACC official website continues to be This continues to point to the website designed and maintained at NOAA/CPC.

Finally our greatest thanks goes to Roger LIn who has been the mastermind encoding the NDACC DHF at NOAA/CPC since the early 1990's. The NDACC is indebted to his diligence and dedication to the smooth execution of the DHF.

Welcome Gao Chen and Ali Aknan from LaRC to the DHF team. You have done a great job so far creating the DHF at LaRC. The NDACC is grateful for its new home and expert personel.