The Measurements and Analyses Directory is Revised

The Measurements and Analyses Directory contains a complete listing of all NDACC Affiliated Measurements, both long-term and campaign, as well as a listing of the Cooperating Networks, and the Theory and Satellite Working Group Members. This document has been completely revised and reflects all newly accepted measurements including those of the newly accepted Spectral UV Instruments from Biospherical Instruments, the re-established measurements at Eureka, the new lidar water vapor measurements, and more. The Directory also reflects the reorganization of the NDACC eliminating the Primary/Complementary Station status. The stations are now grouped only as long- or short-term/campaign. Measurement activities are listed by station location, giving full activity description in this section. Additionally for each instrument type there is given a list of stations supporting that measurement type. The new Measurements and Analyses Directory is available in the NDACC web pages.