NDACC Filenaming

Filenames for NDACC Ames formatted files are constructed in a standard 8.3 format for ease of transmitting data among various computer architectures. This filenaming convention applies to the files as they exist in the database. A user may use any filename for his/her personal copy of a file before sending to the database as the ingest procedure will rename the file accordingly.

NCEP (formerly NMC) data:
  htYYMMDD.nmc for height data
  teYYMMDD.nmc for temperature data

Sonde data:
Sonde data are often reported as one file per launch. Since there may be several launches in one day, the filename must indicate the hour of launch. Thus the filenaming convention is:
  TTYYMMDD.bHH for ozonesonde
  TTYYMMDD.sHH for back-scatter sonde
  TTYYMMDD.bHH for frost-point hygrometer

All other datasets:
All other datasets are reported containing a full month of data, or several months data. Thus there is no need for the day of the measurement in the filename. Accordingly the convention is:

TT: Station -- usually the first 2 characters
SS: Species -- see Header values for abbreviations
YY: Year
MM: Month
DD: Day
HH: Hour
PP: Investigator -- usually the first 2 characters
I: Instrument -- see Header values for abbreviations